Our beating heart

This is the key factor of the production process. We heat the steel up to the proper working temperature (between 900°C and 1200°C), and by means of a squeezing reduction process we are able to achieve profiles and shapes of a very different kind.

The forging shop is equipped with n. 6 reheating furnaces with a production capacity of 80/100 tons per day, n° 2 hydraulic forging presses of 900 t and 1500 t, nr. 4 manipulators of 5 t and 12 t (n. 2 tyred wheels and n. 2 rail bounded)

CMF forgings are produced using low and high alloyed, carbon, stainless steel (austenitic, ferritic, martensitic), Duplex e SuperDuplex, tool steel for hot and/or cold working (all vacuum degassed steel) in compliance with the European standards.

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